Liz Cheney Auditions For Her Next Gig

Many in the mainstream media believe that Rep. Liz Cheney’s problems began when she joined Democrats in voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump after January 6.

They paint Cheney as the victim, bravely speaking out about “the big lie” and say she is being targeted solely because of her opposition to Trump after January 6. This is, of course, a lie.

Back in July of last year, long before the election or the events of January 6, conservatives – myself included – were urging that Cheney be removed from House GOP leadership.

Will the MSM ever learn? Headlines like this actually help President Trump with the base!

“In his attempt to exercise full dominion over the Republican Party, Donald Trump has reserved a special fury for the dynasties that helped shape it.”

— Jason Miller (@JasonMillerinDC) May 7, 2021

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After Cheney backed a challenger to Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), pushed a now debunked hoax about Trump having knowledge of Russian bounties being paid to the Taliban for killing Americans, and after Cheney joined with Democrats to attempt to stop President Trump from brining troops home from Afghanistan, I wrote:

Liz Cheney is not just another House member, however, she chose to run for leadership and currently serves as Conference Chair – the third-ranking Republican in House leadership. If she wants to serve in leadership, she has a responsibility to work on behalf of the majority of the Republican caucus.

That is a responsibility she has completed abdicated.

Cheney has never apologized for pushing the Russia bounties hoax nor has she ever apologized for supporting the challenger to Rep. Massie (though she did request he return her donation after it turned out he was a white supremacist!).

Cheney’s problems long pre-date January 6, and despite the unhappiness among the America First movement for Cheney’s role in leadership, she could have remained in leadership – if she had really wanted to.

She and her father have also never apologized for lying about WMDs to get us into the Iraq war, for thousands dead and the creation of ISIS, torture, CIA black sites, indefinite detention without trial, and a host of other evils. But hey, she hates Trump so the left loves her!

— Kelley Paul (@KelleyAshbyPaul) May 6, 2021

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Alas, for the last few months Cheney has been focused on her next gig at the expense of her role as Conference Chair and Representative of the State of Wyoming.

Cheney initially survived a secret ballot vote over her role in House Republican leadership back in early February.

Despite the fact that she was one of only 10 House Republicans to join with Democrats in impeaching President Trump, her colleagues appeared willing to give her a pass and move on.

Cheney was having none of it. Because none of this has actually been about Cheney fighting for her leadership position. As Mollie Hemingway pointed out:

That anyone is talking about Cheney is proof of her failure. Her job is to raise $$ (she doesn’t), stay on message (HA!), and not undermine caucus (it’s all she does). If you’re pretending this is only about joining with media/Pelosi for impeachment, you’re not serious.

Cheney has continued to embarrass her colleagues and publicly divide the caucus – despite the fact that her job in leadership is literally to do the opposite – because the last few months have been a Cheney audition for her next gig (which has nothing to do with representing the people of Wyoming).

Taking a page from the Jeff Flake playbook, the last few months have been Cheney’s audition for a gig on CNN or MSNBC or one of the networks.

Cheney knows that the party of George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Dick Cheney is dead. She knows that she has no future in this party. She knows that at best she will be a marginalized voice in the modern Republican Party.

Ace with the quote of the decade: “How many election cycles in a row do you get to support psychopathic socialist and communist authoritarians and yet still demand a voice in choosing Republican leaders?”

— Chris Barron 🇺🇸 (@ChrisRBarron) May 6, 2021

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At worst, Cheney is facing a primary defeat at home in Wyoming and public humiliation.

Frankly, Cheney is barely even trying to hide her true motivations here. A conservative fighting for the future of the GOP would be making his or her case on Fox News or NewsMax or in the pages of the Washington Times or the Wall Street Journal.

Instead, Cheney has become a fixture on CNN and wrote her latest melodramatic screed in a place almost no Republican would see it – The Washington Post.

While Cheney talks about “history” and “our children” watching, the truth is that the only folks who are watching that Cheney cares about are executives in the legacy media.


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