Democrat Senator Says Republicans Abused ‘Corrupt’ Filibuster, Jake Tapper Reminds Him ‘You’ve Used It Too’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper reminded Senator Richard Blumenthal that his party has used the filibuster in the past after the Democrat insinuated it was ‘corrupt’ and suggested Republicans have ‘abused’… Read more »

House Republicans To Launch Climate Caucus After Biden Claims Global Warming Is Greatest Threat To American Security

House Republicans are preparing to launch a caucus designed to educate members on the effects of climate change. The effort, led by Representative John Curtis (R-UT), will, according to The… Read more »

Pelosi Will Announce Whether To Move Forward With A Democrat-Led Committee To Investigate January 6th Capitol Protest

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will reportedly announce this week that she is forming a Democrat-led select committee to investigate the Capitol protest that took place on January 6th. The move… Read more »